Terms and conditions

In registering for a course of lessons with Native Speaker you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Fee’s and payment

1.1) On entering into a contract for a course of lessons with Native Speaker you enrol upon a) an agreed number of lessons, b) of an agreed length, c) at an agreed price.

1.2) Payment for a course of lessons must either be made in advance of the first lesson (upon registration) or at the first lesson.

1.3) Failure to make payment may mean a delay to a course of lessons starting/continuing.

1.4) Following payment being made, you will be issued with a BTW receipt.

1.5) If your company is paying for the course of lessons, the BTW receipt should be given to your employer so that you can reclaim the course fee from them as an expense.

2. Postponement / cancellation of lessons

2.1) If you need to postpone the start date of your complete course of lessons:

2.1a) More than 48 hours notice: There is no penalty. Fees paid will be valid for a future lesson. (Lessons must be scheduled within 3 months of any postponement).

2.1b) Less than 48 hours notice: You will pay the full cost of the first lesson. No refund given.

2.2) If you need to postpone/cancel any subsequent lessons

2.2a) More than 48 hours notice: There is no penalty, the lesson will be rescheduled.

2.2b) Less than 48 hours notice: No refund given. A further lesson can be booked at your own cost.

2.3) If you wish to cancel complete course of lessonsyour lessons:

2.3a) More than 1 week before course starts: Full refund of fees

2.3b) Less than 1 week before the course starts: No refund will be given.

2.4) Lessons/courses cancelled due to force majeure will be rescheduled or refunded.

2.5) If the circumstances related to a cancellation are exceptional and unavoidable, a refund may be agreed upon with the director of Native Speaker.

2.6) A 14 day cooling off period begins upon enrolment for a course of lessons. During this period you may cancel enrolment and a full refund will be given.

3. Materials

3.1) The cost of any materials including books is not included in the course fee.

4. Behaviour

4.1) Native Speaker reserves the right to terminate the contract of any student who, in its opinion, significantly disrespects the staff of Native Speaker. In this case no refund of paid lessons is given.

5. Queries and Complaints

5.1) All queries and complaints complaints should be submitted in writing by email or letter to the Native Speaker. (Lee Griffin, Carolina MacGillavrylaan 147, 1098XA, Amsterdam, info@nativespeaker.amsterdam)

5.2) Native Speaker will respond to all queries and complaints within week and aim to resolve any issues as soon as possible. All details sent to Native Speaker will remain confidential, unless stated. We commit to a fair, just and speedy resolution.

6. Duration

6.1) These terms & conditions apply for the entire duration of your course of lessons with Native Speaker.


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Native Speaker – Terms and conditions – English

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