Write like a native speaker

Writing can one of the hardest things for a student to do. Speaking is a much more immediate experience where mistakes can often go unnoticed and easily forgotten, but when they are written down seem larger and more permanent. Words are often spelt differently from how they are pronounced, and English is not always written how it is spoken.

Why the need? 
Although modern life has generally meant less of a need for formal written communication; areas such as email, social media and text messaging mean that writing skills are very much still needed. Learning effective writing skills can help you a lot. It will bring together and provide a focus for many of the areas you will meet on an English course, like grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, and spelling. As a result, it will support your overall approach as you learn or improve your skills in English.

Helping you overcome the barriers 
Native Speaker will help you become better prepared for those situations where you need to use written English. It will show you how to structure your planning and preparation. Maybe your writing needs to be from a business approach and you need to know the difference between between writing emails and business letters. Maybe you have problems with formality of your written material. Whatever your needs, we can help you solve them.

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