Talk like a native speaker

When learning a language people have to make sense of lots of complex information. So, areas such as lists of vocabulary, detail about pronunciation, and rules about grammar all fight for space in our memory.

Speaking the language at this stage can be really difficult.  Feeling confident about what you say and how you say it can be intimidating.  At times it may seem like you’ll never get the hang of speaking, and certainly not enough to feel confident about using it in public.

Banishing the nerves 
It’s quite usual for people to be nervous about speaking. No-one wants to feel silly or get things wrong when they speak and start to hold conversations.The aim then is to move all this information that sits inside your head and turn it from rules and word-lists into something that you can use in real situations.

Moving towards fluency 
I want to be able to support you in making this journey from learning the language to really engaging with the language; and ultimately to speaking and communicating with confidence. I can help remove the nerves and the pressure as you move to becoming a more fluent speaker. I provide not just a safe and knowlegeable environment to practise in; but also provide you with a structured system to help process, build, and use language correctly in real life conversations.

Lessons matched to your needs 
Native Speaker will assess your needs and come up with a suitable programme that will ensure you move on your way towards fluency in the English language.

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