About me

I believe that the most important thing about learning and using a language is how well you communicate in it. It’s about getting your message across as best you can, and likewise understanding someone else’s needs so you can best respond. My philosophy on teaching English is very simple… I want to help you communicate better… just like a native speaker.
I want to help you develop your skills and provide you with the confidence to realise your potential when using English. Whether its basic skills or more advanced support that you need, I can help.

Qualifications and experience
I am a qualified English teacher who specialises in teaching speakers of other languages.  My qualification is from Cambridge University.  The Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) is the known as the foremost world-wide English as a foreign language (EFL) qualification. I have experience of teaching within both a classroom and one-to-one environment. I compliment this with a 16-year career working in a corporate environment within UK Central Government.  This includes working across a range of areas such as; internal communications, drafting, account management, governance and project working.

Meeting your needs
I bring all this together to provide you with a challenging, stimulating and stress free classroom experience matched to your personal aims and goals, and I put your needs at the heart of the learning experience. I look forward to teaching you. Contact me here

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