Conduct business like a native speaker

First and foremost, what you do as part of a Business English course has to be relevant to your needs. We will always focus on real and immediate situations within your job role where you need to use the language. So, for example, if your job involves talking on the phone to customers with no other contact; we would focus on improving talking, conversation and verbal skills rather than how to write better emails.

Making sure it’s appropriate
There are so many areas within the wider subject of ‘Business English’ that its important if you are thinking of starting a course, that we assess your needs beforehand, so that you will straight away be able to see improvement in areas that you need and use.

Making ‘general’ specific
Of course, English is a global business language, and it may be that as part of your personal development, you want to improve your overall skills in the language.  We might then follow a more ‘general’ course, using an established printed course book. The benefits of using Native Speaker is that I can help you both to choose the right book and adapt and transform some of those ‘general’ exercises into something tailor-made to suit your individual needs.

Keeping it authentic
I like to use as much authentic material from students working life as possible e.g. emails and web pages from the company website. This way we keep it relevant and focussed on your needs. Having 16-years of extensive business experience I supplement this with other relevant material personally designed and developed for the classroom.

Using my experience
Having worked in some very challenging roles across a number of areas within U.K. business has given me a whole range of useful personal experience to bring to the classroom. The breadth of different roles I undertook includes: internal communications, drafting & briefing corporate governance, account/relationship management, working with employers, business performance and improvement, employee engagement, business change, and project working,

Business English areas we can help you with include:

  • letter writing
  • e-mail
  • writing reports
  • briefing
  • telephone skills
  • presenting
  • participating in meetings
  • terminology, business-speak and jargon
  • small talk and social English
  • customer service

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