Do you want to improve your knowledge and skills in English?

Whatever your needs, whether it be to improve your conversational skills or it’s for an important job interview or presentation at work; Native Speaker can help.

Offering a personal service tailored to your individual needs, I want to make your learning experience a positive and stress free experience.

Areas we cover
Here are just some of the areas Native Speaker covers:

  • Student centred, personal one-to-one lessons, from beginner to advanced level, tailored around your individual needs.  Full professional language assessment undertaken to determine level. Discounts given for block-booking lessons.
  • Do you have a group of friends, colleagues or are maybe part of a social group (e.g. book club / conversation class) and are all interested in improving your English skills? Then our group events / lessons might be of interest. Either as a one-off event structured around a single topic, or something over a number of lessons.  Native Speaker can turn a learning experience into something fun and interesting.    
  • Maybe you are studying and need some additional booster tuition for exams (e.g. IELTS).  Native Speaker can slot into your exam preparation and help you achieve that all important ‘pass’ mark.
  • We give booster tuition for schoolchildren.  Maybe your child just needs a native speaker to help them get the best out of their English lessons at school.  We can turn their grades around. 
  • Maybe you feel a little let down by your conversation skills in English?  If so Native Speaker can support you. So, whether it be for a holiday in America, talking with insight at your English book-club, or catching up with the gossip from English speaking colleagues at the water-tower, Native Speaker can help you.
  • At Native Speaker we can support you in a whole range of business English related areas. Maybe you missed out on that promotion at work because your interview in English lacked something? we can help you realise where you went wrong and prepare for the next time.  Maybe you want to improve your overall employability by improving your English? Maybe you do a lot of presenting in English and aren’t sure how you can do it better.  Maybe you are interested in growing your business and need to improve your business to better deal with your customers in English? Whatever your corporate business needs in the English language, we can help you reach them.
  • Concerned about the formality/informality of your written English skills? Maybe your emails need to be forceful? Maybe you want to be the next J.K Rowling and write more creatively. Native Speaker can help with all kinds of writing skills.

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